The tradition of Jamones Juan Gargallo dates back to the second half of the twentieth century when its founder, Juan Gargallo, laid the foundations of a family business that has been dedicating to the production and trading of ham for decades. Back in those days, the first butcher shop was opened, where Juan Gargallo and his wife Bernardina López, with a lot of effort and special dedication reached, step by step, the affection and respect from a small neighbourhood.

After a few years, the society Jamones Juan Gargallo SAT was born and now it has its own drying shed in Albentosa (Teruel) and one more butcher shop in Valencia, located in Nuevo Centro shopping mall.

Nowadays, Juan Gargallo’s son and his family keep on preserving the homemade, familiar tradition and they have achieved the sector’s recognition as one of the most distinguished companies.



  • 1964

    The first butcher shop is opened at Av/Pérez Galdós 98 in Valencia. Nowadays, this shop the is the head office. 

  • 1972

    Juan Gargallo and Bernardina López inaugurate their own drying shed in the village of Venta del Aire in Albentosa, Teruel.

  • 1981

    The Company is expanded with the inauguration of its second butcher shop in the shopping mall of Nuevo Centro.

  • 1986

    Jamones Juan Gargallo starts gaining the professional recognition in several contests: Awarded with the III Calidad de Jamón de Teruel Contest.

  • 1989

    Awarded with IV Calidad de Jamón de Teruel Contest.

  • 1991

    Quality Award by the Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2002

    First Prize Award at the Calidad del Jamón de Teruel Contest.

  • 2006

    Commerce Award by the Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2014

    50th Anniversary of the first butcher shop in Valencia. (Av/Pérez Galdós 98).