Our dryer is located in Albentosa, just 40 km from the city of Teruel, in the heading of Venta del Aire. Nestled between the Sierras de Gúdar and Javalambre

At about 1010 meters above sea level, there are species of native fauna and flora, where there is a confluence of cold and dry winds from the pine forests of these mountains with a microclimate suitable for the elaboration of cured ham.

In 1972 the marriage formed by Don Juan Gargallo and Doña Bernardina López chose this privileged enclave for the elaboration of Juan Gargallo Ham. The mountains of Gúdar and Javalambre are two mountainous massifs in which two peaks of high altitude stand out: the Peñarroya and the Javalambre, that surpass the 2,020 meters of height.

This region has a multitude of springs, forests and valleys offering, throughout the year, extensive possibilities for those who are passionate about open spaces, great heights and white sports, such as the ski resorts of Javalambre and Valdelinares, the Vía Verde from Ojos Negros to Sagunto or small and large hiking trails, as well as various adventure sports.

Due to its monumental richness, the splendid urban settlements of Mora de Rubielos stand out, with the Castillo-Palacio de los Fernández de Heredia at the head, which is an example of the best gothic Levantine of the fourteenth century.

Rubielos de Mora, Europa Nostra award to the monumental complex and how not the picturesque sites of Alcalá de la Selva, Linares de Mora, Puertomingalvo, Mosqueruela, Arcos de las Salinas …

This region presents in any of its populations a special attraction for the tasting of Ham of Denomination of Origin Teruel and the best meats of ternasco with a very special condiment, the Black Truffle or Tuber Melanosporum, that makes of the locality of Sarrión the Spanish Capital of this great fungus.

Before going to rest in some of the numerous quality accommodations that this region has, it is highly recommended to look up and enjoy one of the most beautiful starry skies in the world.


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