Campo Belmonte Mature

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Product Description

Product Description

Home-made, mature Manchego cheese. An ancestral cheese, fine, where the excellent sheep’s milk takes precedence, with taste of reduction, concentration, dairy essence, with an obvios fatty evidence, which is enhanced by the age and protection from the lard. It has a flavour of concentrated milk, even better to cream, high quality, barely sour. Tender and creamy texture. It is made as the shepherds used to do in the past (spread in butter and in natural caves).

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

ORIGIN: Belmonte (Cuenca).
INGREDIENTS: Raw sheep’s milk, rennet salt, lactic ferments, egg lysozyme, preservative E-252.
CURING PROCESS: 9 months under lard.

To be tasted with white bread, spanish ham or white grapes. It goes with strong or fine Reserva red wines or also with Manzanilla.



Keep always refrigerated between 1-8º C and, once opened, wrap in transparent film. To be served at room temperature.

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