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Our products are classified by categories and subcategories of products in order to make the searching easier. Once your products are added to your shopping cart click on BUY.

–      The first time you order you will have to fill in a form with your personal details to fulfil the registration and also provide the email address where the order data and the access to your order will be sent.

–      The email address and password provided will be your access password for future purchases and also to follow the track of the orders already made. For users already registered, only the credit card number will be required, as it is never kept.

The shopping cart collects the products chosen. You can check your cart by clicking on its icon at any time and it will show you the products, quantity and total amount of the order.

Once the order is confirmed, you will choose the payment method (check SECURE PAYMENT). Once the order is finished, we will send you an email confirming the order and its payment.


New users must be registered in order to purchase online in our shops by filling in a form. You will have to give, at least, the information where the fields are marked with an asterisk, “information required”. Even though the rest of the fields are not mandatory, we advice you to fill in all of them in order to provide you a better and complete service.

The user is responsible of the veracity and updating of the information given through the online purchase, it means it is forbidden the use of fake identities or identity theft to third parties.


Under no circumstances Jamones Juan Gargallo S.L. processes any order until the total amount of the bill is made and checked. Once the confirmation payment is received, we will proceed to prepare the order.

Once the deliveryman handles the order and the customer signs the shipping note, the delivery is done. A telephone number provided will be useful in order to make the deliver easier.

Before ordering, you can provide us an alternative shipping address, this way the shipping will be delivered and no extra shipping expenses will be generated.

Every order is properly protected with its package needed to guarantee the order’s perfect conditions.

In case of absence at the shipping time, the deliveryman will leave a notice to let the customer know about his try. The customer will have to contact the shipping company to ask for a new delivery. If happening twice, the customer will have to contact the shipping company and go himself to pick it up where the shopping company indicates. If no contact after ten days, the order will be delivered back to the origin, generating extra shipping expenses.

Delivery time: Monday to Friday at business hours.


Countries of delivery/Taxes

Jamones Juan Gargallo S.L. shells to every country within the European Union, managing and including the legal documentation needed in order to deliver your order right in the address given. In case of delivery failure, the company commits to refund the total amount of the order.

Likewise, we also make certain that duty expenses, customs or any other taxes belonging to each country or zone of delivery will be in charge of the customer and these expenses will be paid at the destination point.

In the event of no payment by the customer of the taxes related to his country and hence, the order is delivered back, the total amount of the order will be refunded subtracting the expenses originated by this action. A full and complete address is mandatory to order. No orders delivered to any zip code.


As a general rule, Jamones Juan Gargallo prepares the orders right in the moment we receive them to guarantee the quality and freshness of our products. We do not store boneless and sliced products into stocks.

Every butcher product is prepared in our shops by our professionals.

Once the shipping company picks the products up, the delivery time for peninsular orders goes from 24h to 48h (since the order leaves our store).

In the event that the order is not delivered within 72 hours, please email us at info@jamonesgargallo.com

TNT is the shipping company hired for non-peninsular or European orders.


Reasons where changes and refunds will be accepted:

  • If one or more products have been delivered defectively due to transportation: First for all, it must be written in the shipping note, that is why we advice you to check the product out together with the deliveryman and then, contact us or the delivery company within the next 24 hours. In this situation, there will be no extra transportation charges.
  •  Hygienic and sanitary causes: We will pay the transportation charges if the product is delivered defectively. Contact us and we will refund you the money or replace the product for any other of your choice.
  •  If the order delivered is not the correct one.

To do so, contact us via email info@jamonesgargallo.com within 7 days since the order’s reception, stating the problem clearly and attaching a photo of the defective product. Under no circumstances we will accept any change or refund if no previous notification is received.

Once the notification is received, we will contact you indicating the steps to follow.

Once the defective product is received in our store and examined meticulously, we will send you an email informing of the refund acceptance.

The order must be given back with its original package; otherwise, the refund will not be accepted.

Returning ham and paleta (pork rear leg):

Once you start carving the piece and realize the product is defective, stop carving, because we will not accept the returning of hams and paletas after the 15% of the whole product is consumed.

Ham: The ham is 50% profitable and 50% wasted among bones, rind and fat. The purer is the breed, the higher is the fat level regarding hams and Iberian and acorn-fed paletas. Our company policy is based on the selection of fatty hams, in order to achieve a sweet and pleasant flavour. These will always have an optimal maturing and curing point.

Paleta: It is 40% profitable and 60% wasted among bones, rind and fat.

Jamones Juan Gargallo does not consider the excess or lack of fat, flavour or curing as a product’s defect; in any event, it is a feature from the product. Even if the customer disagrees, we will complete the returning, provided that the conditions of it are fulfilled and the customer will take charge of the transportation expenses.



Credit Card safety payment is guaranteed by using the Bankia TPV Virtual system. Just before ordering, the website directly connects with the Bank, it means you are giving your credit card number straight to the banking institution.

The Bank works with the security protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layers) that protects the customer’s information from being hijacking by third parties.


  1. Credit or debit Card (VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS): The system will ask you for your credit card number, cardholder, expiration date and the CVV 3 digits code located on the back.
  2. PayPal: Internet payment method that allows payments by debit and credit cards and bank accounts in a safe, comfortable and worthwhile way.

Sign up previously to use this payment method at www.paypal.com

  1. COD:  Collect on delivery payment will be only accepted within the peninsula. A 3% of the order’s total amount will be charged, with a minimum commission of 3€ applied by the shipping company. The customer must pay the exact amount to the deliveryman once the order is delivered, by cash. Reminder: The deliverymen do not usually have change, so having the exact amount is recommendable in order to avoid money problems.
  2. Bank transfer: Once this option is selected as payment method, the customer will receive an email indicating the account number to send the transfer, together with the order’s confirmation. Do not forget to include your full name, surname and order’s number.


VAT is included in all our prices. Payment must be always done in EUROS, and it is a duty of the customer’s bank to apply the currency exchange rate. The currency exchange rate applied in our prices is the European Central Bank’s official and it gets updated monthly.

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